Vivra Black Magnetic Pouch


The seamless & frameless silhouette of the Vivra Black Magnetic Pouch, allows you to carry more & perforated neoprene covering  with soft lycra interior ensures that your VIVRA will be the most trendy activewear accessory this season.  Whether you're walking; working out or simply running around doing your day to day activities; it's designed to fit into your lifestyle. It simply folds over the waistband of fitted garment & is snapped securely into place with special neodymium magnets – meaning that mobile phones won't be affected& it wont move even during rigorous physical activity.

NOTE: This item attaches with strong magnets. Women who may be pregnant should only use after seeking medical advice. Extreme caution should be taken when using around laptops, computers, insulin pumps, pacemakers, or any other electronic devices with moving parts. We accept no responsibility for any injury or loss sustained as a result of misuse. 

Product Details

+ External Measurement approx. 21cm x 13cm
+ Separate internal compartment for keys to stop them from scratching other items
+ Fits your mobile phone, keycard, keys & passport with ease
+ In-built RFID protection, protecting your credit cards from skimming devices
+ Attaches securely to any garment with a fitted waistband
+ Headphone port for I-Phones (not suitable for Samsung Mobiles)
+ Water & sweat resistant, machine washable

Materials + Care

+ 100% Neoprene External
+ 100% Lycra Lining

Shipping + Returns

We ship via Australia Post.

Free standard shipping for orders $60+ Australia Wide.

$10 Flat Rate
$15 Express

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